Residential Garage Doors

At the Garage Door Store, we will help you select the best door for your home and budget.  There are a few things to keep in mind when you consider the various possibilities.

•  Are your doors on the front of your house?
•  Is your garage attached to your home?

•  Is insulation an important feature?

•  Do you want your doors to be maintenance free?

•  Do you need windows for light or appearance?

•  Are you looking for a particular architectural style?

•  What is your budget?

•  Do you want garage door openers for convenience or safety?
Garage doors are frequently the largest detail on the front of your home. They are usually the first part of your house that thing people see. Think about it, how often do your friends or family walk to your home?  How often do they arrive by car?
Custom vs. Factory-built - which to choose?

Residential doors break down into two basic categories. Custom/Semi-Custom and Factory built.

Custom & Semi-Custom Residential Garage Doors

Custom and Semi-Custom Garage Doors are generally wood. They come in a limitless range of sizes and styles and usually require staining or painting. They can be designed to enhance the look of your home and match any architectural style. They are also more expensive because they are custom built for your home.

Factory-Built Garage Doors

Factory-Built Garage Doors are available in wood, steel, vinyl and composite materials. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors. They are less expensive because they come in standard sizes and styles from the manufacturer.

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